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Starring Gerald Butler and Mike Colter, the movie was filmed in Puerto Rico. The Design included building at least 90% of the plane on stage, along with the War Room set (as in New York) and Control Tower (as in Manila). Additional locations served as a blank pallet to recreate a huge landing site (dressed with tons of soil and massive trees), dressing villages and rural areas to look like Jolo Island, the Phillippines, and Hawaii. 

Vew Set Photos Below:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 8.22.51 PM.png

Arthur The King was as much an adventure to design it as the movie's plot. From long days of scouting in the wilderness to creating challenging sets with what was available in secluded areas of Samaná in the north of the D.R. as well as building, and decorating sets in Santo Domingo. My approach was "cinéma vérité," depicting the spaces as realistic as possible, allowing the story, actors, and Arthur (our hero dog) to be the center of attention. 

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